Landscape architecture

  • landscape protection methods
  • landscape creation
  • conservation areas
  • regional identity
  • spatial plans and landscape
  • modern landscape
  • appropriate ways of future development of landscape


Spatial planning

  • methods used in spatial order reaserch and shaping
  • problem areas in spatial policy
  • delimitation methods
  • spatial planning and development
  • analysis of the conditions being a result of current: land designation, land use, utilities, environmental conditions, requirements of environmental protection, nature and cultural landscape
  • implementation of classification methods, regionalisation and typology to the research on the extent of spatial development, and delimitation of problem areas



  • implementation of GIS by local governments as a tools for spatial development and land management, monitoring, development and promotion of the community
  • GIS for local environment and landscape
  • Tourism and civil society analysed with GIS
  • GIS for environment, spatial planning and social projects


Regional development

  • Characteristics of chosen organisation and management methods (organisational learning, information management, project management, strategic management, business process management, human resources management)
  • methods of organisation and management used by municipalities


Environmental engineering and water management

  • recultivation and development of degraded land
  • rural areas development
  • nature conservation and shaping
  • envirnmental policy and procedures fot implementation of environment management systems
  • symulation analyses and measurement of basic features characterising environment,
  • meteorology, hydrology, hydrogeology, geotechnics for water management
  • role of small water retention in water management in rural areas
  • influence of catchment development on the quality of water resources


Land consolidation

  • land consolidation as a tool of spatial development
  • reasons for the choice of land consolidation area
  • rural areas development
  • sources of information, maps used for management in cases of spatial conflicts and rural areas development
  • features of rural areas significant for spatial conflicts
  • safe rural area in the age of globalisation


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